Telemarketing Services

Getting VIPs and decision makers on the phone day in day out is a tedious and almost impossible task. Wouldn't you rather spend your time talking to them rather finding them? Allow us to do the legwork for you because this is what we do best.

  • Lead generation/appointment setting
  • Client Profiling
  • Call-to-invite
  • Market research
  • Data cleansing and verification

  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing remains to be one of the most powerful sales and marketing tool for businesses if you know how to do it right. If you have no time for "test drives" and need to get it right the first time, call us now. Here at CENTROSPEX we get it done right and fast so you get real value for your money.

    We provide only the most relevant and attention-worthy content for your targeted prospects-nothing less. We never end up in the trash bin because people are eager to read valuable content over and over again.

    Online Marketing

    You cease to exist if people don't know where you are. It doesn't matter how great your business is, or how valuable your products and services are; if you don't put in a tremendous amount of effort for your marketing to get noticed, you're doomed.

    With CENTROSPEX, you don't only get noticed- you stand out like a sore thumb! Allow us to do your website design, content and search engine optimization for you.

    Call us and be thrilled how people are responding to you wherever, whenever. People are always on the go so don't expect them to simply find you in their PCs, you need to be everywhere. They'll find you in their tabs, smartphones and other mobile devices. We'll make sure that you'll capture the most qualified leads through our web marketing strategies. Before you know it, you'll find yourself on the top page of the leading search engines.

    Social Media Marketing

    With millions of subscribers actively participating on social media, you'll be silly not to get into the bandwagon.

    Gone are the days when only the big boys can play and advertise. Now you don't have to pay millions of dollars to get noticed. With social media, the playing field is levelled off for you and all you need is the word-of-mouth to keep your brand up and running. Get the right people to do it for you. Here at CENTROSPEX we guarantee to generate leads and set up appointments by maximizing the use of social media.

    Now you can gain access to targeted prospects, interact with them and share valuable information about your business. We'll get them to love you so they'll patronize your product and spread the word. And most importantly, you'll get the much needed feedback to keep you on track.

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